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The colorfulness of the words

The color dictionary is an indispensable work tool for advertisers, architects, interior designers, designers, professional painters and all those who are fascinated by the world of color. Axel Venn, Professor of Color Design and Trend scouting at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hildesheim, undertook a scientific study where he asked more than 60 participants to link various colours with various words, from comfortable to uneasy, from paradisaical to useful, from noble to worthless and from trendy to archaic.

For each of the 360 adjectives, the book displays 49 color images and the respective color scale in RAL DESIGN System colors. This is what makes Professor Venn’s color dictionary different from other color theory books, which usually only list one color for each concept. The color dictionary gives the user room to play with and opens up a whole range of possibilities for making color statements.

Authors: Professor Axel Venn and Janina Venn-Rosky; editor: Dr. Wolf D. Karl, RAL gGmbH; published by Callwey-Verlag. Bilingual (German and English), 864 pages, approx. 20,000 images, 24 x 26 cm, hardcover. With large poster.

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