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The RAL color standard for plastics

  • Plastics colour sample format: 4.13″ × 5.83 × 0.12″
  • Material: polypropylene
  • Three sample thicknesses show the color fully opaque and in various opacity levels:
    3 mm, 2 mm and 1 mm
  • Three different surfaces allow you to interpret the color in relation to roughness: high gloss polished,
    VDI 24, VDI 42
  • Includes reflectance curve, absolute values and the divergence from the RAL PLASTICS
    original sample
  • Protective sleeve for every plastics color sample
  • RAL PLASTICS is a new color standard especially for plastics, created in response to widespread demand from the plastics-processing industry.

100 colors from the RAL CLASSIC collection were translated into a dedicated RAL plastics standard using a sophisticated technical process – these being the 100 colors that people most often request.

Includes reflectance curve, absolute values and the divergence

Includes reflectance curve, absolute values and the divergence

Plastics processors will benefit from RAL PLASTICS because the new, binding plastics standard eliminates the need to reproduce RAL paint sample colors in plastic, formerly a time-consuming and expensive procedure.

The RAL PLASTICS color samples are multifunctional and offer many benefits in practice. Three different surface textures and three different material thicknesses give users a realistic impression of how the colors will look when used with different material applications.

Polypropylene was intentionally chosen for RAL PLASTICS. It is a mass-produced plastic that is used in many finished products because of its balanced properties and excellent value for money. In addition to its technical characteristics, this plastic is easy to use for a wide variety of manufacturing procedures, and is also compatible with numerous dyes.

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RAL 1000-P, RAL 1001-P, RAL 1002-P, RAL 1004-P, RAL 1011-P, RAL 1012-P, RAL 1013-P, RAL 1015-P, RAL 1016-P, RAL 1017-P, RAL 1018-P, RAL 1020-P, RAL 1021-P, RAL 1028-P, RAL 1033-P, RAL 2000-P, RAL 2002-P, RAL 2003-P, RAL 2004-P, RAL 2008-P, RAL 2012-P, RAL 3000-P, RAL 3002-P, RAL 3003-P, RAL 3004-P, RAL 3012-P, RAL 3014-P, RAL 3015-P, RAL 3016-P, RAL 3018-P, RAL 3020-P, RAL 3027-P, RAL 3028-P, RAL 4001-P, RAL 4002-P, RAL 4003-P, RAL 4005-P, RAL 4006-P, RAL 4007-P, RAL 4008-P, RAL 4009-P, RAL 5002-P, RAL 5003-P, RAL 5005-P, RAL 5009-P, RAL 5010-P, RAL 5011-P, RAL 5012-P, RAL 5013-P, RAL 5014-P, RAL 5015-P, RAL 5017-P, RAL 5018-P, RAL 5020-P, RAL 5022-P, RAL 5023-P, RAL 5024-P, RAL 6000-P, RAL 6002-P, RAL 6003-P, RAL 6005-P, RAL 6009-P, RAL 6011-P, RAL 6017-P, RAL 6018-P, RAL 6019-P, RAL 6024-P, RAL 6026-P, RAL 6037-P, RAL 7001-P, RAL 7004-P, RAL 7011-P, RAL 7012-P, RAL 7015-P, RAL 7016-P, RAL 7021-P, RAL 7024-P, RAL 7031-P, RAL 7035-P, RAL 7037-P, RAL 7038-P, RAL 7040-P, RAL 7042-P, RAL 7045-P, RAL 8001-P, RAL 8004-P, RAL 8007-P, RAL 8008-P, RAL 8011-P, RAL 8014-P, RAL 8015-P, RAL 8017-P, RAL 8023-P, RAL 8025-P, RAL 9001-P, RAL 9002-P, RAL 9003-P, RAL 9010-P, RAL 9011-P, RAL 9016-P

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