2.328 digital RAL colours for more than one million colour combinations

RAL ICOLOURSShould the building façade be lemon yellow or sun yellow? Strawberry red in the bedroom? The RAL iColours app shows in advance what it will look like afterwards. With the RAL app, both Android and Apple users can colour their image files in any of the RAL colours – quickly and easily.

See everything in a new colour in only three simple steps with the RAL app:

  • Take a photo.
  • Select one of the 2,328 RAL colours.
  • Colour the object you photographed. You can save your colour selection by project and email photos with coloured objects as well.

The RAL iCOLOURS app – as practical as it is inspiring. A source of ideas for everyone from colour professionals to hobby designers. Painters, architects, graphic artists and web designers can use the RAL app to facilitate customer decisions by turning an idea into a concrete view. The RAL app’s 2,328 RAL colours enable over one million colour combinations. Directly on site, at a building, in a room and for renovations or new designs – colour professionals will be able to present colour designs for façades and spaces and their variations to customers instantly.

And this inspiring, simple app is also useful for everyone interested in colour.

The colour palette includes the RAL CLASSIC and RAL EFFECT colour collections as well as all of the colours in the RAL DESIGN system. For each colour, the corresponding L*a*b*, sRGB, CMYK and brightness values are listed. RAL iCOLOURS is also compatible with the ColorCatch 3 colorimeter from Colorix.

RAL iCOLOURS. Now available for €8.99 at Apple’s App Store and on Google Play.

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