What is RAL Effect?

RAL EFFECT is another product line from RAL. The color collection contains 70 Metallic colors that harmonize with the 420 solid colors. The solid colors are based on waterborne paint systems, the 70 metallic colors are based on acrylic paints. Many paint companies have the RAL EFFECT colors in their tinting machines and are able to offer them. The RAL EFFECT colors are not part of the collection RAL CLASSIC or the RAL DESIGN system, or vice versa. Just like the colors from the RAL DESIGN system, the RAL EFFECT colors do not have names such as “Traffic red” or “Sky blue”. RAL EFFECT contains 100 RAL CLASSIC colors.

Where is the difference between four digit RAL color numbers and four digit color numbers with a hyphen before the last digit (-m)?

RAL color numbers with four digit and a hyphen are from the collection RAL EFFECT, whereas the regular four digit codes come from RAL CLASSIC. The color shades marked with -M are the 70 metallic colors from RAL EFFECT and correspond with the respective color row from 420 solid colors.

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