Dr. Wolf D. Karl, CEO of RAL gGmbH, elected into the board of trustees of the German Colour Center

Dr. Wolf D. Karl © RAL Colours

Dr. Wolf D. Karl © RAL Colours

Sankt Augustin, in July 2013. Dr. Wolf D. Karl, CEO of RAL gGmbH, was elected by the general assembly of the German Colour Center to be curator of the field “colour standardisation and internationalization”. He is added to the interdisciplinary team of ten curators of the German Colour Center for the next five years.

The German Colour Center – central institute for colour in science and design – exists since 1962 as an independent institution on a non-for-profit basis. The purpose of the non-profit association is the support of scientific, artistic and creative work in the field of colour. The interdisciplinary cooperation of all knowledge and work fields dealing with colour is the priority.

About RAL Colours

RAL is the global language of colour. With its RAL CLASSIC and RAL EFFECT colour collections, the RAL DESIGN System and the RAL PLASTICS colour standard for plastics, RAL provides colour users in architecture, industry, the trades and design with a multifaceted selection of precise colour samples. The RAL Colours palette contains a total of 2,328 colours. RAL DIGITAL is the RAL software basis for professional colour design on the computer. And thanks to the RAL iColours app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices, professionals and amateurs on the go can colour their photos in the entire range of RAL colours – quickly and easily.
With its books ‘Colour Master’, ‘The Colour Dictionary’, ‘Colours of Health & Care’, ‘Colour Feeling 2012+’ and ‘Colours for Hotels’, RAL supplies essential planning instruments for designs, suggestions, insights and trends in the world of colour.

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